Seven Reasons to Sync MailChimp and Outlook

Seven Reasons to synchronise your MailChimp List with Outlook

You spend most of your day working in Outlook. You use MailChimp to manage your Email marketing. Here are seven reasons to synchronise the two and make you even more productive and successful.

#1 Its much easier to update contacts in Outlook

Keeping your list up to date and fresh is a big deal. People move on, change their interests, and if you are not careful, your list becomes out of date.

Outlook has many different ways to view and edit contacts. Different people get used to using those methods. Some people like the contact cards. Other people like the spreadsheet like list views. Outlook lets you drag and drop, and update multiple contacts at one time (particularly useful for updating categories / groups – see #2).

And if you use ChimpySync to synchronise your contacts, you can update contacts as you read your emails.

Outlook Contact

#2 Use Outlook Categories for segmentation

Adding Segmentation to your list is a vital tool for being able to send relevant messages to your contacts. In Outlook, the categories field is ideally suited to tagging contacts for segmentation values and contact interests. From the specific products they are interested in (e.g. Android / iPhone ) , to their  location (North, South, Europe),  Event Attendance, Industry, Job Title/Seniority; all these values can be quickly and easily added as Outlook categories.

And using Outlook’s grouping capabilities, you can see how many people are in each group, and update multiple contacts at the same time.

Grouping by Categories

Check out this post for more tips on Segmentation.

#3 Use Outlook Categories to see who has Subscribed and Unsubscribed

Let MailChimp add tags for ‘Subscribed’ and ‘Unsubscribed’ to your contacts. MailChimp also has two additional statuses for contacts – ‘Pending’ (double opt in email sent but not clicked) and Cleaned (emails are getting bounced from that address). Its really quick and easy to see the status for your contacts, and to do something about it if necessary (quick call to ask if their email address has changed. Did they mean to unsubscribe?.. etc)

#4 Share Access to your MailChimp List

If you are more than a single person company, you may need to let other people have access to your contact – to make updates and to get contact details. Many companies use an Exchange Public Folder or a Shared Mailbox folder to store your customer list. While other people in the company may need to update that list, you may not want to give them the required access and training to update MailChimp directly.

#5 Ensure everyone in the company is notified of ‘Unsubscribe’ requests

Sometimes people send out round-robin emails which are not mass emails sent through MailChimp, but equally are not one to one messages sent individually. You need to make sure that everyone knows who has unsubscribed, so they can be removed from any round-robin lists.

[Better still make your round robin lists part of your main mailing lists, and use category segmentation to manage who gets them.]

#6 Make list updates in Outlook where you spend most of your day

For many people, enquires and initial contacts come in the form of email enquiries – which get read while you are in Outlook. It makes sense if someone sends an email enquiry to be able to add them to a MailChimp list right from Outlook (with a double opt in) as you are reading their mail. Then in your reply, you can make sure they click the opt in to get the most up to date information in future. Most of the new contacts and updates come while working in Outlook – reading emails. It makes sense to be able to quickly update contacts from within Outlook and know the changes will reach your MailChimp list.

Update as you Read emails

#7 Get your MailChimp list Contacts on your phone.

If your business relies on the phone as well as email communication, it makes sense to get your on-line signups into your phone contacts. That way when you get a call – your phone will tell you who its before you answer.

Lots of mobile phones (and some business phone systems) sync their contacts with Outlook contacts. An easy way to get your contacts from MailChimp to your phone is to sync them with your main Outlook contacts folder.  They will automatically be added to your mobile phone, and when someone rings – if their number is in MailChimp, its on your phone.

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Do you want to see how simple it is to set up sync – check out this post.

If you want to synchronise your MailChimp list with Outlook, you can request a 14 day free trial of ChimpySync here.