Centre for Digital Innovation

New Year… New Offices

There have been lots of new beginnings and lots of preparations over the last few months. The first few weeks of the year were focussed on moving into New Offices – in both our Hull, UK and Colombo, Sri-Lanka locations.

In Hull we are part of the C4DI community (Centre For Digital Innovation) – a new purpose built building to house some of the thriving Hull Digital community. Being in an environment focussed on digital innovation and designed to foster collaboration and learning has been a huge leap forward. Just being in such a well designed positve environment makes it a joy to come to work every day.




Meeting Space


Hot Desk Space

Take a look at the view from our second floor window over the River Humber. (Susanne was in quite early one day and couldn’t resist taking this photo.)


Sunrise over the Humber – looking past ‘The Deep’

In Colombo, Sri-Lanka we have moved out of the Regus offices which have been home for nearly two years – and which we had really outgrown –¬†into our own spacious offices. Plenty of room to grow now as you can see. And yes – those are real trees out of the window, Sri-Lanka is a very green and fertile country, and the office garden is more ‘rain forest’ than garden.

Work Area

Upstairs in the Office

Colombo Office2

Downstairs in the chill zone

So now we are ready! We are planning some exciting developments over the next few months, and our environment is no longer a constraint. Onwards and Upwards!