Sync MailChimp with Outlook

How can I Synchronise my MailChimp list with Outlook?

With ChimpySync, its really easy to set up synchronisation between MailChimp and Outlook. That means you can view, update and manage your MailChimp list from within Outlook, using all the easy to use features which Outlook provides for editing, updating and sharing.

ChimpySync is an Outlook plugin which lets you manage and update your MailChimp contacts from within Outlook. Full two-way sync between a MailChimp list and an Outlook Contacts folder is just one of ChimpySync’s features which will make you more productive and successful.

Install ChimpySync

ChimpySync includes a 14 day free trial, so you can test it out before you purchase. Install ChimpySync in about 2 minutes by signing up here:

With ChimpySync installed, your trial licence set up, and your MailChimp account linked – you are ready to set up Sync.

In Outlook go to the ChimpySync tab and select ‘Config’ > ‘Setup Sync’

Setup Sync

The Setup Sync form will open:

Setup Sync




Select the MailChimp List you want to Sync.

Select your Outlook Folder

Select which Outlook contacts folder you want your MailChimp contacts placed into.

Select Folder

At this point you can create a new folder if necessary.

New Folder

If you are doing a full two way sync – ALL MailChimp contacts will be copied to your folder, and ALL contacts in the folder will be copied to MailChimp (contacts with the same email address will be merged). If you don’t want this, consider the other options:

  • Create a new folder in Outlook to contain your contacts.
  • If you just want your MailChimp contacts in your main Outlook contacts (for example so they appear on your phone) you can do a one way sync from MailChimp to Outlook.
  • If you just want some contacts from Outlook added to MailChimp, consider doing a one-time subscription. (ChimpySync has a ‘Subscribe to MailChimp List’ function to do this).

Mapped Folder

Map your Fields

Map your MailChimp list fields to Outlook contact fields. Some such as first name, last name, contact name are obvious. Other more specific fields may be less obvious.

Map Fields

Outlook has many fields to select from:

Outlook Fields

At the same time map any MailChimp Groupings (segmentation fields) to Outlook fields. The best field for Groups is the Categories field. ChimpySync lets you map several groups to the categories field.

Once you are finished you will see a chart with all your mapped fields.

Mapped Fields

Mapped Field Notice

Set Sync-type and frequency

Define what type of sync you require (as discussed above)

Define how often you want the sync to run.

Saved Sync

All Done

That’s it. Press sync now, and in a few seconds (maybe a could of minutes for a big list) you will have your contacts synchronised.

Press 'Sync'

A final note about how ChimpySync uploads contacts to MailChimp: MailChimp uses a batch process to receive contact additions and updates. That means ChimpySync submits a request to update a contact – which gets put in a queue, and processed a few seconds later. So we have to go back later to find out of the update worked, or if MailChimp rejected it (usually because of missing fields or badly formed email address or something like that.) ChimpySync includes a batch submission checker which will show you which contacts were uploaded fine, and which didn’t. So you can go and fix the broken ones and try again.